A resilient crew

Talking about this Enterprise is impossible without talking about our own history: When Pope Benedict XVI visited Cuba in 2012, there was no commercial Internet on the Island, we use to get internet connection on the "black market" and, with the visit of the Holy Father, the government prioritized all bandwidth for use by the media that covered the event.

Thus, with a telephone modem speed of 56 Kbps (in 2012), we were telecommuting as freelancers of software development covering all phases of the process and, sometimes, we even had to deploy. It should be noted that, even in these conditions, we always met the delivery dates, except when the Holy Father “blessed” us with his presence and we practically lost the clients… To make matters worse, we worked in a dilapidated room in tropical Havana, without air conditioning.

That's where we come from...

The commercial name, meanwhile, came up during a 3-minute call from the internet operator in Colombia offering us a free domain.

Today our team is quite varied: Cubans on the Island (where there is already more Internet access), in Venezuela and Colombia (where our headquarter is), as well as Colombians, to a lesser extent.

You can only imagine the courage and patience it took to do what we did, and you can also get an idea of ​​how strong and dedicated we are, and how much we appreciate you reading this story.

We believe programming is a modern differentiator, equivalent to speaking an additional language a few years back. We also believe that open source software is the future of software in general, and that today represents the opportunity for a small company to match its processes effectively as a large one.

We are what we are, what in "Cuban dialect" is equivalent to: "nadie nos quita lo bailao", which refers to all previous experiences on which we have emerged. We are fierce and it is not exaggeration.

By hiring our services, if you decide to do so, you will not only be hiring a team of the best programming, analytical skills and software development in the Cuban market, but also the charisma, joy and good vibes that characterize us.


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