Odoo migrations are relatively easy

... as long as the timeout doesn't bother you

Odoo System Migration

Details & Terms of Service

This service is specially designed for users who have their Odoo online running "Behind" a URL.
May include but not exclusively:
- Advice on decision-making on migration
- Planning
- Make a backup of the entire database and its file system
- Reconfiguration of DNS server and DNS entries
- Reset and request new SSL certificates for new domains / subdomains
- Restore and reconfigure DB in the new location
- Reconfigure technical data about the restored Service
- Delete old or unused settings
- It is carried out in a cluster of containers, docker or dedicated server
- 1 instance of Odoo (BD) only
- The service includes only the mentioned settings. Subscription and purchase of servers, VPS, domains, SSL certificates, etc. run by the customer
- Turnkey project is delivered ready for production. If additional work is required (training, maintenance, improvements, etc.) it will be billed by the hour
- Delivery time: 2-3 days, the start will be according to schedule availability