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If you bought a module from the official Odoo store and ended up having to "fix it" or getting uncomfortable with how poorly designed it was, you are not alone. It has been worse when a client has had the "initiative" to buy it without warning and asks us to integrate it into their ERP. Does it sounds familiar?

Odoo still needs work... And its architecture allows it. Luckily!

At ZIVER.info we have been dedicated exclusively to Odoo for many years. We've been Odoo consultants, Odoo developers, Odoo advisers, Odoo youtubers, and even Odoo infrastructure engineers.

It's fascinating to fill those left "gaps" by the new version or "discover" what the future holds or "add things to the POS". It's fun to curse Odoo (the Inc.) when they moved X functionality for enterprise, for instance.

Hence what we really want is: to make Odoo a more complete Software, without patches or botches, that adapts well to the people who use it and not vice versa.

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Thanks to the support of ZIVER and its programming team, our company, which has 6 branches in Cancun and Merida, was able to integrate sales into the ERP with the creation of customized modules for Shipping and distribution of merchandise. All this has allowed us to increase our sales by 30% compared to the previous year. I loved their professionalism, delivery time and especially the support in the engineering of the project.

- Magdiel, Customer, CEO in LondryMag

ZIVER has been an excellent work group in which I feel very well surrounded by people who always seek perfection and teamwork. They manage to make each shared moment a learning chance and achieve solutions for customer satisfaction.

- Peter, Sr. Odoo Developer

It has really been a challenge, having to face all kinds of business context in the work done; It has led me to study various subjects and do it quickly, it has allowed me to grow as a specialist, to feel like a family regardless of the distances.

- Ronny, Sr. Odoo Developer

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