How is Outsourcing and ko-Sourcing different?

Both are modalities of the same service: developments for Odoo and both have, in practice, the same result. The main difference lies in the process. Outsourcing is pre-paid and allows us to process your requirements as you send them and development occurs avoiding the "knots" of traditional development, making it more efficient. ko-Sourcing on the other hand, is a development at half price with the novelty of shared use of modules developed where you can also optionally involve your specialists with ours. 


Why is Outsourcing pre-paid?

The modality is pre-paid to simplify the process, make it more efficient and have some added value extras such as CI / CD. By processing your requirements as you send them “Dripped” you not only get rid of your ideas immediately, but you are aware that they are queuing up to be included in a nearby sprint. Your hours do not expire, therefore, you can send us a new requirement at any time without prior notice other than the email message itself. We always make an analogy with the gas in your car where your hours "are" the gas.


What does "sharing" mean in ko-sourcing?

Shared use means that you and we share the authorship and ownership of the result (modules) of a specific project, so we can make use of it for our particular interests within the framework of the Software license under which it is made the development.


Will my developed modules be supported?

Yes, but keep in mind that you must have hours available. In pre-payment mode it is expedited as any request and we will assume that all support requests are with this mode, unless you notify us otherwise.

Do you have any other questions? Ask us!

We use to respond in less than 24h.