We are a Software Factory and, basically, we develop modules for Odoo.

We help Odoo partners around the world reduce their focus on the development process and deliver the code directly to our customers' infrastructure. The modules are programmed under the best design practices, harmoniously integrated with the system architecture and documented in detail. Applying DevOps principles we have considerably reduced the “time to market”.

On one occasion, using only the Google translator, we successfully executed a Project whose requirements were written in Estonian.


From $ 38. 25 / hour

  • Full-cycle+ projects with continuous requirements processing. Server provisioning and DevOps best practices are included.
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50 % (Outsourcing)

  • The lowest price for a Fair deal: 100% of the product for 50% of the price, sharing 50-50 benefits.
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  It is a development mode of Odoo full-cycle+ that includes the provisioning of your server and the best DevOps practices.

The key to this service is in the continuous processing of requirements and changes (dripping).

Key benefits

Time-to-market reduction 

Prepaid Outsourcing

You flow and your development flows without "knots" Why Prepaid?

"Drip" of requirements

Free yourself from every thought or idea as they arise


Continuous server provisioning, integration, and deployment

Other benefits

We want a long-term relationship...

Tier discounts

As you advance to the next level you access to better discount rates

Turnkey project

Free yourself of burden and leave the work in our hands

Time does not expire

Your acquired hours do not expire so you can add time whether or not you have projects


I am not clear yet...

$ 45 / hour

  • Up to 115 hours 
  • Base rate


...this sounds good to me

$ 41.85 / hour

  • 116 - 625 hours
  • 7 % discount 


I need more!

$ 38.25 / hour

  • + 626 hours
  • 15 % discount

Why is Outsourcing prePaid?

Simplify the process and add value

The Prepaid Outsourcing process is more efficient and provides more value than a Traditional Development

The chart below shows the Traditional development process. You can appreciate the Decelerators (Red color). Observe in the 2nd Graph how most of these "knots" are avoided.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

This second graph shows how it is possible to finish the same Product in a more efficient way. Note the decrease in decelerators and the addition of an entirely new step/value from the previous graph.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

The last two graphs represent the detail for the "Development" state in each of the modes described above. You can also see how the "CI/CD" state constitutes an extra accelerator during Outsourcing.

Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture

Have a full tank

Let's make an analogy of our service: Your car.

The developers (we) are the car, the amount of gas in the tank (the accumulated prepaid hours) and the miles to travel (the requirements).

So how you put gas in your car, you can add hours to your account.

And in case you go on a long trip, you fill the tank to avoid delays at the service stations. ;)


Development mode for Odoo with the lowest price *. You pay only 50% of your active rate to get the development you want, optionally, you can link your team.

The only thing we ask in return is to be able to use the result. Does that sound like a good deal to you?

50% off

A fair agreement with shared benefits

Traditional project

Pre-definition of scope, full development cycle

Any size

Size Matters? In this case, yes

With the ko-Sourcing mode we program Odoo modules at half price *

You must contact us and ask us about your idea. We always respond in less than 24 hours

* applies only to eligible projects, don't forget to go through the Terms of Use page later

ko-Sourcing Vs Outsourcing

Summary table with all the information you need

Variable ko-Sourcing Outsourcing
Price 50% (Outsourcing) $38.25 - $45
Saving 50% Up to 15% for consumption
Time from 1h 3 groups per Rate
Development shared turnkey
Process traditional prePaid
Benefit 50-50 customer exclusive
Deployment not included included
DevOps not included included
Aprov. Serv. not included included
Selec. Proy. solo elegible cualquiera

What use will be given to my time?

It is known that the time consumption varies depending on the functionalities to be programmed and the complexity of the tasks. These numbers were obtained using the average in previous projects.

For instance, adding a field in the form of a Partner is not the same as managing permissions at the point of sale.

In specific cases, where some of your specialists take care of some part of the project, the time is redistributed in the other activities.


Workflow Time (%)
Requirements Engineering 10.81 %
Analysis and design 11.21 %
Coding 49.25 %
Quality assurement 16.79 %
Project management 8.46 %
Deployment ** 3.48 %

** varies considerably from modern DevOps practices


Thanks to the support of ZIVER and its programming team, our company, which has 6 branches in Cancun and Mérida, was able to integrate sales into the ERP with the creation of customized modules for Shipping and distribution of merchandise. All this has allowed us to increase our sales by 30% compared to the previous year. I loved their professionalism, delivery time and especially the support in the engineering of the project.

- Magdiel, Customer, CEO

ZIVER has been an excellent work group in which I feel very good, surrounded by people who always seek perfection and teamwork. They manage to make each shared moment to learn each day and achieve solutions for customer satisfaction.

- Ronny, Sr. Developer, Odoo

It has really been a challenge, having to face all kind of businesses context in the work done; It has led me to study various subjects and to do it quickly, it has allowed me to grow as a specialist, to feel like a family regardless of distances.

- Peter, Sr. Developer, Odoo

Why choose us?

We are able to offer you a service with a high level of quality under a novel development approach.

1 day Outsourcing Trial ***

1. Buy 1 day

2. Send 1 Requirement

3. Receive 1 Module

*** You will pay $ 360 through Paypal and your money will be safe with them. But if you don't like it, we will refund all your money without conditions or the need for you to make a claim.