Importing data to an Odoo DB "hurts" despite the "import" button

It requires skill but most of all:


Data Import to Odoo

Details & Terms of Service

Designed for anyone who needs to enter data from a spreadsheet (excel etc.) to Odoo
We can import the following elements:
- Products
- Product Categories
- Warehouses / Warehouse Locations
- Product Inventories / Lots / Serial Numbers
- Initial balances
- Accounts receivable and payable
- Assets
- Customers and suppliers (all partners)
- Chart of accounts
- 1 instance of Odoo (BD) only
- You will deliver the information in the formats that we will give to you
- There will be an induction meeting to explain the formats
- We do not modify (fix) the information, therefore, if you provide the information with errors, it will be your responsibility
- The import will be done in two separate environments, 1 for testing and the other for production
- The service includes only the tasks mentioned. Subscription and purchase of servers, VPS, domains, SSL certificates, etc. run by the customer
- Data export from a previous system is not included in the price of this service. You can request the export separately
- Turnkey project is delivered ready for production. If additional work is required (training, maintenance, improvements, etc.) it will be billed by time
- Delivery time: 2-3 days, the start will be according to schedule availability