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Server Cluster Provisioning

Details & Service Conditions

Container-based custom server cluster configuration
The solution will be designed with the following technologies, although not necessarily / exclusively:
- Docker Swarm (Docker) as orchestrator (optionally, it can be done in a single container with Docker engine or Swarm)
- Nginx or Traefik as reverse proxy
- Odoo or Wordpress or etc. (or any service as main service)
- PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc. as a database service
- Portainer, a visual tool that allows you to create and manage containers in Docker, Swarm, etc.
- SSL with Letsencrypt or with client certificates
- Domain / subdomain routing
- Ubuntu Server Servers
- Up to 3 servers in the Swarm, the client can add more in the future
- 1 Swarm only
- Includes 1 meeting of 1 hour to expose the configurations the same day of delivery (optional, it is not a training)
- The service includes only the mentioned settings. Subscription and purchase of servers, VPS, domains, SSL certificates, etc. run by the client
- Turnkey project is delivered ready for production. If additional work is required (training, maintenance, improvements, etc.) it will be billed by the hour
- Delivery time: 2-3 days, the start will be according to schedule availability

johann rodriguez hernandez

the technician

Having deployed more than 100 different systems such as Odoo, Wordpress, SQL-ledger on Linux servers and having used a wide variety of technologies among which I can highlight Docker, Docker Swarm, Nginx, Apache, Portainer, Traefik etc.

I will lead the DevOps team to deliver your project.

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