The opportunity to outsource

Bet on controlling the uncontrollable

The proposal to offer outsourced services is nothing new, only when it comes to software, whatever it is... the thing changes.

Software is "chaotic" by definition; Whether it is an App, a website or a module... There is always the possibility that everything will get out of hand.

Hence our proposal is quite daring: we intend to "control" the process in such a way that our clients do not have to deal with complications inherent to Software engineering:

  1. Software is complex

  2. Software is abstract

  3. The requirements are incomplete

  4. It involves research

  5. Software construction is design

  6. Changes are considered easy

  7. Change is inevitable

Odoo is one of the most comfortable platforms to develop in factory format and its modularity easily supports an "assembly line".

We have conceived a software factory, where our programmers are only dedicated to that, with a very efficient process based on agile methodology.

The stakes are high and we will surely have to adjust our process over and over again.