The beginning of the Software Factory

We need few strategic allies for the first stage

Charlie Chaplin in Modern TimesThe concept "Software Factory" is not my invention, in fact the first company that adopted the name was Hitachi in 1969. It takes full effect when what is sought mostly is to achieve "time to market" for the product.

Despite the fact that I aspire to make the Software Factory as large as possible and create a great Software company in Colombia, it is no less true that, as the saying goes: "whoever takes a lot of space, the less he tightens up".

So the idea is to get some strategic allies in the first stage.

The main reasons for designing it this way are:

  1. With fewer projects we can provide more personalized attention 

  2. Allies can offer complementary services to ours

  3. There will be extra time to dedicate to improving our processes

All the Software Engineers that I involve in the projects are experienced people, but I am aware that has just arrived in the Colombian market and it is convenient to moderate the expectations, a slower start, undoubtedly, but with a more secure step.

In short, the bet is ambitious: will be the largest Software Factory in Colombia and to get there it has to rain a lot.